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Presentation Layout Board

Hi everyone. I have added 4 layout boards on this post from each of my major projects in TAFE which are: Teva Chair, Piatto Terra Table, Green Lantern and Space Saver. It’s a demonstration of our combined skills in design process, ideation, prototyping, 2D graphics and 3D CAD skills. These layout boards are a requirement in terms of competition entry, even if an actual prototype was not made, to express our design ideas and innovation. In some situations, a layout board may serve as much importance as compared to the physical presence of a product. Therefore, these boards must be presented to the best of ones ability to convey the design sense and creativity and be able to capture the audiences’ attention. (Due to the high quality of the files, it may require longer than usual time to load)

*the Piatto Terra Table was selected as a Finalist for the 2011 Sydney AIFF Award

*the Teva Chair was selected as a Finalist for both the DIA Student Award 2011 and 2011 Melbourne Furnitex Design Award


Upholstery Part 2

Updating some new renderings which I have done for the Upholstery Chair project.

Piatto Terra Table

Hi guys. This is a continuation of the laminated table project for Sydney VIVID @ the Edge 2011. I’ve posted the initial concept drawings, 3D rendering, model making process, prototyping and final product/display. The project took me quite a while to complete and unfortunately, due to miscommunication with the manufacturer, the final product wasn’t exactly what I was hoping for. In the future I will be making further adjustments with other manufacturers to create the intended final results. There are quite a few pictures so take your time to browse and enjoy 🙂

Upholstery Project 2011

This is one of our major projects for our final year at TAFE in Product Design. We are required to collaborate with the upholstery students to create a piece of furniture. To be honestly I’m struggling to come up with a design which I’m satisfied with. Something is missing….and I can’t exactly understand where/why/what. More research is needed. These are the current designs which I came up with…….more inspirations needed……

Lectern Project

We were asked by our teacher staff at TAFE to create a future lectern. It’s actually a non-graded side project but something to help build our portfolio. I decide to use “Australia Outback” as my design theme. Using earth colours of red, orange, brown and materials consisting of eroded stone, timber and rusted metal. I sourced out a Sydney company Stone Design who supplies a new product called CLADstone. It uses a special resin which literally “peels” sandstone off the surface that can be placed onto wooden panels with simple adhesives. By applying heat during the process it can also be bent and use on uneven surfaces, edges and corners. The process itself requires less machinery and labour and increases the production rate by 10 folds compared to traditional quarry techniques. It is economical, ecological and efficient.

Entry for Footlocker Competition

My entry for the Footlocker $50,001 grand prize competition. Basically the contestants have to download templates from their website, colour it and submit a unique design. You can use any medium or format. There are no limitations. My inspiration was to use Australian Aboriginal Art as the basis for my design. I call it the “Ab.Original” 🙂